June 8, 2010

We had a great time together last Saturday!
Thanks to everyone who came - if you missed it, we missed you!

A huge thanks to all those who made it a great success:
Logan Fielding and Jesika Henderson for the 5k.
Tara Smith and Rachel Mitchell for the park party.
Annaca Roberts, Lindsay Moore, Travis Rosenberg, Sheri Wilson and Kelly Blunck for the dinner party. And special thanks to Jesika Henderson and Micah Keith for being our MC's and to Chelsa Gentry, Abby Forbes and Matt Hafen for performing out favorite prom theme songs.

And a GIANT shout out to Marci Wittwer for taking care of this blog for us - it has been so fun!

See you in 10 years!

June 6, 2010

Ashlie (Derbidge) Harrison

The past 10 years has been crazy! After graduation I attend Dixie State for 1 semester, just wasnt my "thing". That same year (yes i was pregnant at graduation) in October I had my son Treyson, almost 10. He will be in 4th grade, CRAZY!! Also in the same year...I married my LOVE Joe in November. wow cant believe we have been married almost 10 years as well!!! Joe works in construction...hard working MAN!!! In 2003 I graduated from Medical Assisting school and love what I do! I did my externship at a busy surgeon (5 surgeons) office and was hired on. I worked there for 5 years. In 2005 we welcomed our "sassy, daddy's girl" Skylie. she will have to wait another year to start kindergarten because her birthday is past the deadline. she is not happy with that...but another year of pre-school wont hurt..?? I quit the office in June 2008 to stay home with my kids and kept doing transcription from home. That didnt work out so well, so in Feb 2009 I started working at a Gastroenterology office and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I work for some GREAT doctors and have some of the best co-workers!!! with being busy with work and kids I still find a little time to do what I LOVE the most, scrapbook and my crafts!!!! No more kids for us, we have one of each and that is fine with us!!! I'll just let my sisters have the babies and ill just hold and love them...then give 'em back!! from reading everyones post, sounds like everyone is doing GREAT and seeing pictures of everyone and their families, I LOVE IT!!! To many more great years.........

June 4, 2010

Britt-Marie (Buschnyj) Buhanan

Of course I've put off sending this until the day before. That much has stayed the same over the last 10 years, I still love to procrastinate.

After high school I went to Provo to attend BYU. Two years later Kurt returned from a mission and we started dating again. Then he went to Provo to attend BYU and I went off to have my own experience abroad in Spain. When I went back to BYU the next semester we picked up where we had left off and the following fall we were married. After that there was more school, graduations, more school for Kurt, a summer spent in Germany, another graduation for Kurt, and, yes, there is still more school. Somewhere in between all the school stuff Eleanor (now 4) was born, then Gregory (almost 2), and we're expecting another girl in July. So for now, while Kurt works on his PhD, we are hanging out in Southern California, enjoying the nice weather and proximity to the beach, because who knows where we'll end up in a few years.

June 2, 2010

Breck Sargent

A lot of you may (or may not) be wondering where I've been. Let's just say the last 10 years (10 years WOW!) have been quite the adventure!

After High School I went to Dixie College to study, then I moved to Florida to work at a motorcycle shop and attend College. I met the crocodile hunter in Florida before he passed. RIP Steve Irwin. I had an accident on my motorcycle and had to go into surgery for some "repair work." Unfortunately I cannot drive anything with two wheels any more my friends call me lobster claw LOL!!!!!

After College in Florida I joined a small band and opened up a vacuum cleaner repair shop. Since the accident life has been good, but things are different now so I ended up moving back to Southern Utah to be close to family. I purchased a ranch near LaVerkin with my savings and now I live here and paint pictures of Utah's landscapes. Feel free to stop by sometime for some BBQ and small game hunting! See you all soon!

TOuch Gold!!!

June 1, 2010

Logan Fielding

It is crazy to think we have been out of school for 10 years!  That went by quick.  After I got home in 2003 from my mission in South Korea, I finished up my associate's degree at Dixie while working at Desert Hills Intermediate School as a Resource Aide.  I helped students with behavioral issues there and also worked in a group home for adults who have disabilities.  I really enjoyed working in this field so I decided to go into special education.  It was the last thing I ever thought I would be doing for a career.  I moved up to Logan to attend Utah State University and received my Bachelors in Special Education.  While at school I met my beautiful wife Katey.  She was the daughter of the mayor of Logan at the time so my father-in-law really enjoyed cracking jokes about my name being Logan while I lived in the town Logan!  Needless to say it got old really quick. 

After my wife and I graduated we moved to the Ogden area where I got a teaching job at Rocky Mtn. Jr. High for a semester and then moved over to Fremont High School for a year.  I helped coach cross country and the distance runners in track while I was at the high school.  I got really tired of the cold and shoveling all of the snow for what seemed like hours a day, so we moved back down to the St. George area in 2008.  We bought a house in Ivins after I got a teaching job at the new Desert Hills High School.  I love it there and enjoy working with the students.  I also coach cross country and the boys' soccer team.  It is been a joy working with young people.

Katey and I welcomed our first little girl, Norah Pearl, into our life 5 months ago.  She has brought so much joy into our lives.  She already is daddy's little girl! 

I forgot to mention that I have spent the last 6 1/2 years doing a lot of running.  I have run lots of fun races all over the country and have had some choice experiences while doing this.  Katey is really supportive of this "hobby" and enjoys traveling around to the different races.  Make sure everyone comes out and runs the 5k on Saturday morning :)

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.  It should be a lot of fun.

Jessica (Kuhlmann) Martori

Hello Everyone... it just seems like the last 10 yrs are such a blur.  After school i ventured in many different directions.  I moved to Provo but the cold was to much for me so I moved back home.  I met my husband Chris in St.George and we started a family. I worked for IHC for 3 yrs in the ER.  After the birth of our 2nd child we decided to move to the big city of Las Vegas, NV.  I continued working in the medical field but this time it was for a perinatologist office.  Then i decided that i didn't want to sit in a chair the rest of my career so i went back to school to do what I have always loved.  I graduated from Euphoria Institute in August of 2009 and am now a licensed Cosmetologist.  I have been working as a stylist at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in the Salon and Spa for almost a year.  I can honestly say that I LOVE my job.  When I am not working, I am at home with my 6 (going on 17) yr old daughter Shelbi, and my 4yr old son Lukas.   Life has definitely been a roller coaster but i have enjoyed every minute of it!!!  Look forward to seeing everyone.

Jed (Rudd) Stanley

I've thrown patriarchal tradition out the window and taken my wife's maiden name as my own. Actually not true and because I've found it so interesting to read other posts I will forgo my initial intention of fabricating my life history with stories of marrying a down-and-out stripper and selling my non-essential organs to save baby seals for the truth.

So here's the deal, since I graduated: did the mission thing (Latvia), did the college thing (SUU), did the summer job in Alaska thing (ground crew for helicopters), met a super smart and coincidentally hot poet philosopher who agreed to marry me (blind date no less), multiplied like rabbits (3 mild mannered monkeys), moved 13 times since marriage, and lived in 6 states.

I studied theatre at SUU (playwriting and directing) and had an original play produced nearly every semester (tooty toot toot of my horn). However, I decided to learn a different and slightly more marketable skill set at grad school. I finished my Master's in Occupation Therapy last year and have been working at a small hospital deep in the heart of the Land of Enchantment (and it's Wizard of Oz enchanting) as an occupational therapist (I don't help people find jobs despite the antiquated title "occupation"). All of this of course pales in comparison to the monumental and infinitely more important work that my wife, Kaydence, completes at home teaching (yes, we're crazy homeschoolers and rather proud of it) and raising our 3 boys, which is totally undervalued despite being a jillion times more meaningful.
I'm excited to get together, we're fond of road trips (aka we'll be there). I hope that this slight update finds you in the depths of life satisfaction.