April 28, 2010

Aubree (Mitchell) Hunter

My husband Craig and I live in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  We moved here a year ago for him to complete a residency in Urology.  We hope to move back to Utah when he's done in 4 years.
We have 3 children.  Addy (6) is in Kindergarten.  Hope (2) is our crazy funny child.  Hayden (2 months) was born March 8th of this year.
I work part-time as a nurse doing home visits for kids on growth hormone therapy.  I am still running and have ran the St. George marathon every year since graduating, except the year Addy was born.  I love it!  I hope to run until I'm 90.
Life is good!
I wish I could come to the reunion to see all of you!  As a lot of you know, traveling across the country is pretty tricky and STRESSFUL with 3 kids.  Hope you are all doing well!

April 25, 2010

Rachel (Burgers) Ellis

I've had so much fun reading what everyone else has been up to and seeing your beautiful families.  After graduation, I moved to Cedar City to attend SUU.  During Spring Break my first year away I met my amazing husband, Adam, and we were married in October 2001.  I finished taking my SUU courses through DSC, pushing through to graduate with my Bachelors in Elementary Education in May 2003.  A month later we had Isaiah and I became a full time mom.  Adam graduated from DSC with his Bachelors in Computer Information Technology later that year and began working full time as a web developer for Steton Technologies.  Katie was born in 2005, and in 2007 Adam began working full time from home as the developer and president of his business, Instaproofs (although he probably spends more time being Dad than CEO!).  Max was born in 2008, and we moved from Ivins to Santa Clara last year.  We are excited (and surprised) to be welcoming the fourth little Ellis baby in October.  I have been so blessed to live in such a beautiful place, close to family and friends, and I really enjoy parenting full time with my husband.  And I'm excited to have a chance to see so many of you after 10 years! 

April 22, 2010

Angie (Esplin) Bailey

After high school I attended Dixie College for 2 years and got my Associates Degree.  Right after that I went to Cuenca, Ecuador for 4 months and served in orphanages.  It was a neat and humbling experience.  In 2003 I got my cosmetology license. A year later I attended SUU and worked toward my bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. In 2005 I married my sweetheart Ben.  We have 2 beautiful children; Addison who is almost 4 and Kaden who is almost 2. They are the joy of our lives. We currently live in Connecticut where my husband is getting his masters degree in nursing in anesthesia.  We love it here.  It's a party everyday.  We are so close to so many fun things.  The kids and I will try to make it to the reunion.  Unfortunately my husband will need to stay here for school.  Hope to see you soon!

Jaimi (Hunt) Smith

Hey everyone.    The past ten years has gone by so fast.   I am currently living in Dallas Texas with my wonderful husband my 1 year old son and a daughter who will be here next week(april 28th).  I am working full time as a Firefighter/EMT-I and can't wait to be a full time mom. My husband works at an Indoor Shooting range and is a Fire Pyro.  Hence the slogan we came up with...Mike Shoots em, I fix em.  He starts em, I put em out.  Anyways.  I so want to be there and see everyone but we will be in St. George 2 weeks before and won't be able to make it for the reunion.  Maybe the next one we'll be able to make it.

Sabrina (Dabney) & Adam Bird

After high school, I attended Dixie State, Utah State, BYU, and University of New Hampshire and eventually got my English Lit degree from USU.  Two weeks later I married Adam, who had gotten back from a mission in Rome, Italy the previous year.  We moved up to Salt Lake, worked, went to school, had a baby, Adam got a real job, continued school, we moved, had another baby, and here we are in South Ogden, loving it despite the reputation.  Adam is a hedge fund accountant, while I basically stay at home with Lily and Jackson, reading, biking and planning vacations in my spare time.

April 20, 2010

Sheila (Basso) Rich

Hi everyone,
 After graduating H.S. I went to BYU-Hawaii where I studied and played softball for 2 years. I then served a full time mission in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Afterward I went back to Hawaii to graduate in Art. While at school I met my amazing husband Keoni. We now have a beautiful girl named Kailani who will turn 2 in July, and are expecting a boy in June. We now live in Kaaawa, Oahu, Hawaii and LOVE IT! My husband is a supervisor with Matson Navigation Co. and I work at home running a small business while playing full-time mom. Life couldn't be better. Because of the baby coming in June I don't think I'll be there for the reunion. :(
Go class of 2000!

Melissa (Petersen) Johnson

The past ten years have been jam-packed with goodness. Life's ups and downs are what make it so beautiful.
I spent the first two years after hs at DSC. Serving as an ambassador there with people from around Utah and out of state (& the wonderful Kelly Blunck) was a blast. I then moved to Logan to finish my bachelor’s at USU. My senior year I met an amazing guy who became my best friend and opened up my whole world. Alas, we didn’t want to settle ourselves down yet, so we parted ways. I enjoyed Cache Valley so much though that I stuck around to work for a few years. In 2008 I reconnected with aforementioned guy: a mutual friend tricked Nolan and I into driving to SLC together. Nolan was surprised and nervous to be around me again (at least that’s how I tell the story) which caused him to rear-end another truck on the freeway...after which I slammed and broke my wrist. The man took amazing care of me and my wrist, sparks again flew, and we were married in Oct. 08. It could not have been more right, and we couldn't be happier.
We’re still living in Cache Valley (most of the time) and maybe a little unorthodox in professions. Nolan is an entrepreneur by heart; he brokers meat independently and does real estate on the side, among other things. He’s also the son of a meticulous rancher with a lot of cattle and we’ve gone to Wyoming the past two springs (as Nolan has since high school except while on his mission) to help out for calving season. The wide open ranch brings out the cowgirl in me. I am a freelance editor—I edit, write, design, and direct projects for my clients from home. I’m also in the middle of a master’s degree at USU. 
Now I’m hoping my awesome brother-in-law Jon Walter will post to show off my adorable niece and nephew and my beautiful sweet sister!

Katie (Crofts) & Matt Hafen

In 2000, Matt and I both attended Dixie College followed by Matt being called on an LDS mission to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I graduated from Dixie and headed up to BYU to graduate a couple of years later with a degree in Marriage, Family & Human Development . When Matt returned, it was just like high school but better(thank you Snow Canyon!) and we were married 6 months later. Matt graduated from Dixie and attended SUU to obtain his degree in accounting. We had our first daughter, Lydia, there and moved to Provo for law school thereafter. We had our second daughter, Emma while at BYU. Now that we have finally broken out of the education bond, Matt is an estate planning attorney at Durham, Jones & Pinegar here in St. George. We are expecting our third little girl in July (so it's okay if you ask me if I'm pregnant.) Go Warriors!

Aubrey (Andrus) Blake

Hello class of 2000! 
I met my husband Neil Blake while working at the Pizza Factory and we were married in 2001. We have 2 great children, Gavin who is 6, and Avery who is 3.  We have been lucky to stay close to family and friends here in St. George.  My husband is a Real Estate Appraiser and I have been working part-time as a Medical Assistant at the InstaCare for the past 7 years.  In four weeks I will graduate from Mohave and have my degree as a Registered Nurse.  I am excited for this career change and look forward to what the future holds!  

Rachel (Mitchell) Morgan

The past ten years have flown by. I am a paramedical examiner. I have three kids- 2 girls, Addie is 7 and Kate is 4 and 1 boy Emmett who is 9 months old. 
My husband is my high school sweetheart Brandan Morgan. He is a corporate advisor for a tax and accounting firm here in St.George. School and kids have really taken up pretty much all of the ten years since highschool. I haven't been on TV or won any money in a lottery or anything. I did win $45 dollars with one tug of a slot machine handle once.... that was pretty exciting. 

Logan Blake

After school I served a mission in the Melbourne-West Australia Mission.  When I came home I attended Dixie State College where I earned my Associates in Pre-Engineering .  I then went to SUU where I met my lovely wife of almost 3 years and received my Bachelors in Engineering.  After I completed school, I was able to acquire a position as an Engineer in Training for AGEC, the company with which I’ve been working for the past five years.  My wife will soon finish her Elementary Education degree and we hope that she will be able to find a position in the Washington County School District.  My family was recently introduced to the private white water rafting scene, and we’ve been able to raft most of the rivers in Utah, the Snake River in Idaho, and the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  At work I’ve been involved in Quality Control for the construction of the new St. George Airport and we just completed paving the runway last month. 

April 19, 2010

Emily (Parry) Liechty

Hello, hello class of 2000!!! 
Life has been GREAT since graduation. I went to SUU for two years before serving an LDS mission to Berlin, Germany and came home and met my amazing husband Christopher at Dixie College. We married in May 2006, moved to Cedar City to continue school at SUU and have been loving life ever since. I am finishing up my degree in Secondary Education with a Social Science Composite and minor in German and History. My husband is currently working on his Masters Degree and has a Bachelors in Sociology and Psychology. I love to cook and do cake decorating on the side and have had some of my recipes published with plans to do a cook book one day. And I blog a bit too . . . http://theopenpantry.blogspot.com. We love to travel and get away every chance we get! We aren't exactly sure where we will settle when we graduate next year (crossing our fingers for somewhere warm . . .) but look forward to new friends and more adventure! We are incredibly blessed with amazing families and friends and we are hoping to make it to the reunion this year.

April 14, 2010

John Grange

Has it been 10 years, WOW!  It feels longer than that. I have not done a lot. In 2001, I worked for Wal-mart until 2005. Then I started at Lowes in 2005. Went to Youngtown, Ohio for about 6 months to try to get away from my Mom and Dad. It didn't work out because of their health so I came back to St. George to take care of them. I met my love of my life at Lowes in St. George.  Lowes let me go for 2 weeks for mine and my love's wedding. We had it on Oct. 18, 2008.  My passed away on Feb. 2010 so now I just take one day at a time and I hope I can go to the reunion to see you all. 

April 11, 2010

Travis Rosenberg

Since graduating high school, I served a full-time LDS mission to northeastern Italy.  Upon return, I went to Southern Utah University where I intended to graduate in chemistry and go to medical school.  I worked on-campus while attending classes, met my wife, Harmony, in our pre-med classes (she graduated in nursing) and due to life circumstances, switched my major to Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Forensic Science.  I took a full-time job on campus in January 2006 working in the Controller's Office running payrolls, got married in June 2006, and graduated in May 2007.  I moved jobs on campus in August 2007 to Human Resources where I now work, coordinating benefits, compensation, and various payroll functions for the University.  I'm working on an MBA and will graduate May 2011. My wife now works part-time as a nurse and we have a one-year-old daughter, Alida.  Life is very good and while I never planned on living in Cedar City forever, things couldn't be better.  I'm excited to see everyone at this year's reunion.

Jenni (Carroll) Raybould

Like everyone else I cannot believe it has been 10 years already.

After graduation I attended Dixie State and received my Associates. After working full time for a few years, visiting friends in New York a few times, living in Hawaii etc etc, I returned to college in 2006 at Utah Valley University getting a degree in History. Still not sure what I will do with that, but it is a subject I love. I met my dream California boy Robert in the Spring of 2008 and we were married November of that same year in San Diego. My husband works for SGPD as one of their finest and looks incredibly good in uniform! I worked at Tuacahn for 13 years and decided it was time to leave the drama business and just started working as an assistant for the family real estate business. We recently found out that we are expecting and due the beginning of November. We are pretty stoked about it! We are planning on going to the reunion and I am really excited to see all the changes in people and catch up over the years! See everyone soon!

Jenni (Carroll) Raybould