March 28, 2010

Marci (Wittwer) Butterfield

Wow... 10 years has really flown by.  It has been fun hearing what a few of you have been up to. Here's a bit about me.
After graduation I attended Dixie College for a year and then transferred to Utah State University....  I graduated from USU with a Degree in Nutrition-Dietetics. I then moved out to Boston for an internship.  I loved Boston so much that I decided to stay there for a couple years and complete a Masters Degree in a Nutrition and Health Promotion. I loved the big city life and especially being able to watch the Red Sox at Fenway :)  After graduation I moved back to St. George and worked at Mesa View Hospital in Mesquite as their Registered Dietitian. It was in St. George that I met my fabulous husband- Adam Butterfield. We married last May.... and a few months after moved out to Iowa City, Iowa (I know you are all jealous... right?) where my husband is attending the University of Iowa to get his MBA. Living in the Midwest has def. been a different experience... We love to hike and be outdoors so living where there is nothing but miles and miles of snow or cornfields has made us realize how fabulous the mountains of Utah are. He'll finish up with school next May, then who knows after that.  I don't think that we are going to make it to the reunion so I hope to hear from many more of you on this blog.  

March 24, 2010

Bria (Southwick) Lefevre

It is so crazy it has been 10 years already!

Right after high school I went to Dixie State taking random classes, not knowing what I wanted to do. I needed a change, so I moved up to Salt Lake to live my dream. I worked at Brighton Ski Resort, and snowboarded everyday! It was so much fun. I started school at Salt Lake Community still not knowing what I wanted to do. After a few years in Salt Lake I moved back to St. George, and started Esthetic school at the Skin Institute. I reconnected with Craig (I kind of knew him before) and we got married in 2006. I worked as a Mater Esthetician at a few different spa's, and also taught Esthetics at Taylor Andrews. I had Krew, my baby boy in 2008. We bought a house, and turned one of the rooms into my own spa room. I now work from home doing esthetics. We love St. George, and will probably be here forever. I'm excited about the reunion! It will be good to see everyone!

Liz (Klein) Gaunt

It is unbelievable that 10 years have flown by! 10! Crazy.

Well, I left St. George for college in Nebraska and, except for our annual trip to my home sweet home, I have been in the Midwest ever since. I met Nathan, my husband, while in school and married him a month after graduating in 2004.  We were in Davenport, IA while he went through grad school to become a chiropractor. We followed family back to Nebraska and live in a city about the size St. George was when we were in kindergarten. In other words, we spend a lot of time at home watching movies and playing in the garden dirt. Not much else to do around here, and sometimes it smells like cows. But we like it anyway. Nathan opened his practice in the spring of 2008 and I do whatever I can to help out there. I also work part time at our Lutheran grade school. Someday I'll finish deciding what to be when I grow up, but for now I raise children and write. We've been blessed with a 3-yr-old boy, Isaiah, and a 1-yr-old girl, Miriam and pray for many more "Gauntlets" to come. 

We're not sure yet about the reunion, so I'm hoping many of you find time to post to this blog - it's fun to hear what y'all have been up to!

Liz (Klein) Gaunt

Lacie (Ence) Tinker

Over the past ten years I have met the love of my life who had the most beautiful little girl that i am so proud to now call Mine, We introduced little Savannah into our family in may 2005. We are now currently living in Wyoming and LOVING it!  I am a Genewize distributor and my Hubby works for CAT.  there is sooo much more that i could tell you but It would turn into a novel not a paragraph! haha.

Lacie (Ence) Tinker

March 23, 2010

Annaca (Cope) Roberts

I am really excited for our 10 year reunion.  It's been fun getting in touch with so many of our classmates in preparation for this for this awesome event! Since graduating, I attended SUU for a year, graduated with an associate degree from DSC, and obtained my CNA certificate. My plan is to do nursing school in the next few years when my kids are a little older.  I married Travis Roberts in 2002.  He graduated from SUU, and now teaches English and Spanish, and helps coach Cross Country, at Pineview High School.  Currently, Travis is working on his Masters Degree through the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  We love running, cooking, and especially raising our sweet little girls; Sadie, who is 6, and Elizabeth, who is 4.  We are expecting baby girl #3 at the end of June.  Life has been good to us, and for the most part we are livin' the dream! 
-Annaca (Cope) Roberts

March 21, 2010

Jesika (Henderson) Harmon

Hello fellow class-mates from SCHS 2000! Can I just say that we totally have the best class? Thinking about our reunion has made me really excited to see so many of you and catch up on what you've been doing. For me the past ten years has been filled with awesome, hard and amazing things :) I went to BYU right after graduation, danced on the Dancers' Company up there, worked for Senator Bennett in DC for a semester, went on a mission to Hungary (oh the best experience, but no Hungarian isn't a very useful language in the states :), then came home and finished my last year at BYU, graduating in English and Dance. But, my last semester before finishing I met the wonderful Robbie Harmon! We were married May 4th, and then moved out to Chapel Hill, North Carolina where he completed a Masters in Healthcare Administration and an MBA. He actually just finished his MBA and accepted a job in Scottsdale, AZ where we are getting ready to relocate. We've been living in Costa Rica for three months (Robbie did his last semester on exchange with a business school here called Incae) and have been loving the sun and have been trying to learn (ok struggling to learn) Spanish. The best part of the past ten years though (besides marrying Robbie) is having Bree and Gabe! Bree is 3 and Gabe is 1...and they are just the best! You wouldn't think they were my children by looking at their blond hair, but they are :) Besides being a full time wife and mother I have loved teaching children's dance and aerobics and serving in my church and the community. Life hasn't been perfect, but it is so great! Hope to see you all soon!

Chris Andrus

We are only 2, Chris and Jessica. Jess is from Bloomington Hills, so a local like myself. We got married in March of 2008. I got my Bachlor's in Computer Information Technology in May 2009. I am starting the Secondary Education program at Dixie State in August, so I am going back to high school to teach Computer Technology. I have spent the last 3 years finishing my first bachelors degree and building a web development company called Innovation Simple Inc. here in St George. My wife works at Snow Canyon Eye Center as a receptionist and is starting up a new Medical Transcription program in April. So we are both doing way too much work and school. I will be doing a Master's of Administration in 2011 or 2012 after I start teaching. We look forward to seeing everyone!

March 18, 2010


Hey Everyone!
The past 10 years have flown by and it's been fun reconnecting with so many of you as we plan our reunion.

This blog will be a fun way to find out what we've all been up to since graduation. Please send us a short bio and some photos to and we'll get it posted.

We'd also love any photos you have of our high school days to use at the reunion. Please email those as well.