June 1, 2010

Jed (Rudd) Stanley

I've thrown patriarchal tradition out the window and taken my wife's maiden name as my own. Actually not true and because I've found it so interesting to read other posts I will forgo my initial intention of fabricating my life history with stories of marrying a down-and-out stripper and selling my non-essential organs to save baby seals for the truth.

So here's the deal, since I graduated: did the mission thing (Latvia), did the college thing (SUU), did the summer job in Alaska thing (ground crew for helicopters), met a super smart and coincidentally hot poet philosopher who agreed to marry me (blind date no less), multiplied like rabbits (3 mild mannered monkeys), moved 13 times since marriage, and lived in 6 states.

I studied theatre at SUU (playwriting and directing) and had an original play produced nearly every semester (tooty toot toot of my horn). However, I decided to learn a different and slightly more marketable skill set at grad school. I finished my Master's in Occupation Therapy last year and have been working at a small hospital deep in the heart of the Land of Enchantment (and it's Wizard of Oz enchanting) as an occupational therapist (I don't help people find jobs despite the antiquated title "occupation"). All of this of course pales in comparison to the monumental and infinitely more important work that my wife, Kaydence, completes at home teaching (yes, we're crazy homeschoolers and rather proud of it) and raising our 3 boys, which is totally undervalued despite being a jillion times more meaningful.
I'm excited to get together, we're fond of road trips (aka we'll be there). I hope that this slight update finds you in the depths of life satisfaction.

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