June 2, 2010

Breck Sargent

A lot of you may (or may not) be wondering where I've been. Let's just say the last 10 years (10 years WOW!) have been quite the adventure!

After High School I went to Dixie College to study, then I moved to Florida to work at a motorcycle shop and attend College. I met the crocodile hunter in Florida before he passed. RIP Steve Irwin. I had an accident on my motorcycle and had to go into surgery for some "repair work." Unfortunately I cannot drive anything with two wheels any more my friends call me lobster claw LOL!!!!!

After College in Florida I joined a small band and opened up a vacuum cleaner repair shop. Since the accident life has been good, but things are different now so I ended up moving back to Southern Utah to be close to family. I purchased a ranch near LaVerkin with my savings and now I live here and paint pictures of Utah's landscapes. Feel free to stop by sometime for some BBQ and small game hunting! See you all soon!

TOuch Gold!!!

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