May 26, 2010

Coryell (Madsen) Potter

Hello friends of 2000!

I have been reading and enjoying everyone's blogs so much that I have put off writing one myself:)  I decided to get to it, so here goes...

After graduating from Snow Canyon, I accepted a scholarship to SUU in Cedar City.  I had the most wonderful roommates, we called ourselves the B-5 girls, and we still keep in touch to this day (hi Rachel).  I returned to St. George, finished my Associates Degree, and got accepted into Dixie State's first Elementary Education Program.  I have always wanted to be a teacher, probably because of all the good teachers in my life.

I put secular learning on hold to serve a full time mission.  I packed my bags and grabbed my "sticks" and left for the great OHIO!  I never could have imagined how those 18 months could transform me.  I met some incredible people who changed my life forever.

When I got home I finished up my degree at Dixie, and got my first teaching job!  I am about to wrap up my fourth year teaching 4th grade at Coral Cliffs Elementary here in St. George.  During these working years I have also become very studious, I completed my Master's Degree last May. 

In March 2009, I also met and married my sweetheart Robb Potter.  We met at the adult singles ward.  Singing in choir and quartets brought us together (so Charla...there is hope!)  We have only been married just over a year now and I am so happy he found me.  No children of our own YET, but seeing all your family photos is highly motivating.

I look forward to mingling with most of you at the reunion!

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