May 31, 2010

Ken Ence

Hey, everyone!  While I won't be able to make it to the reunion, I wanted to drop in my update as well.  Let's see, in 2000 after high school I took off to BYU for a year of college.  In August 2001, I left to Costa Rica for a mission.  It was a great experience in my life and one I will never forget.  After returning in August of 2003, I jumped right back into school at BYU and completed my studies there, graduating with a degree in biology.  I graduated in 2007 and continued straight into dental school in San Francisco where I have been since then.  Now, yet another graduation is coming up fast here and I've got a job lined up practicing in Colorado, which is where I expect and hope I will be for a long time to come.

Somewhere in that mess of schooling, I met my wife, Barbara.  She is from Hawaii and was my neighbor at BYU.  We were married in April of 2005 and just celebrated our 5 year anniversary (please save all Ken and Barbie jokes for the end).  Our first daughter, Laura, was born in December 2006 and our second daughter, Violet, joined us last September (9/9/09 at 9:00 PM, I kid you not).  We've felt incredibly blessed with our little family.  Hopefully somewhere in the future it will also include a son!

So after 10 long years of mostly school, we will be in the St. George area in late June for a brief, though well-deserved respite before beginning the long Ence tradition of dentistry.  Best of luck to you all!

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