May 26, 2010

Jon Walter

Hi.  I'm Julie.  Jon's making me write this, so here we go.  :)  I think I can speak for Jon (since I've been by him for most of the last 10 years), when I say that the last 10 years have been fantastic.  After graduating from high school Jon went to Dixie State College for a year before leaving on his mission to Portugal in the summer of 2001.  We had dated for a few months before he left, and when he got home in 2003, things just fell into place and we were married 5 months later.  After he returned home he started working for NAI Commercial Real Estate.  We were able to graduate with our Associate's Degrees and walk through the "D" together in 2004.  We bought our home in St. George in July 2005 where we've lived ever since.  Jon received his Bachelor's in Business Administration in 2006 from DSC.  We have the 2 sweetest kids in the world.  Lizzy is 5 and will start Kindergarten in the fall, and Sam in 8 months.  They both look just like their dad!  Jon is the best husband and the sweetest dad.  Lizzy and Sam adore him.  We're very excited to see everybody soon!
This picture is from Lizzy's dance recital a couple of weeks ago.  "Aunt Ang" is also in the picture.

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