May 24, 2010

Dove Center Donations

During the family activity at Santa Clara Park, we will be collecting donations to benefit The Dove Center, a local shelter for victims of domestic violence. Consider this your payment for this FREE event! What a great way to serve the St. George community and remind everyone how great the SCHS Class of 2000 is! The following is a list of items the The Dove Center is need of. Any items you can donate would be much appreciated. Just bring them to the park and we will take them to The Dove Center. Easy and effective.

Thanks for your help!
Don't forget to reserve your tickets to the Reunion Dinner, and email us if you're doing the 5k!


Gift Cards : from stores like, Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, office supply store, gas cards, building supply store, fast food restaurants, K-Mart, movies or other recreation.
Baby Monitor
Small Flat screen TV with DVD player inside (to hang on our kitchen wall for children to watch while moms are cooking)
Face soap and face cream
Antibacterial cleaning wipes and spray
Postage Stamps
Copy Paper
9 volt batteries / C batteries
Bus Tokens/Passes
Writing Journals
Children's games
Family DVD's
Shark Steam Mop

Cleaning supplies: Laundry spot remover, dryer sheets, anti bacterial all purpose cleaner, shower and bathroom cleaner, air freshener.
Binder paper clips
Trash bags: large kitchen and trash size
Alcohol base hand sanitizer
Food Items: frozen entries, snack items, desserts, fresh vegetables and fruit, ethnic foods, 100 % juice, individual bottled water, sodas.
Baby bottles with disposable liners
Sippy cups for children
Women's and children's new pajamas, sweats, underclothes and socks.
Greyhound bus certificates
Financial donations

The above are items that they use daily. They are always in need of many things. If there is something you would like to donate please give them a call (628-0458) and see if they could use the item at this time. The DOVE Center and its ladies and children always appreciate your generosity.

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