May 16, 2010

Melissa (Merrill) Spragg

After graduation I was ready to go play college volleyball up north...  but  just as I was headed up the head coach was fired and the new coach already had her roster in mind and I was not on it...   by the time all of this drama happened it was too late to sign on anywhere else.  I am sure my life would be entirely different if I had been able to go and that is the only thing that keeps me from being sad about it!   I moved out and attended Dixie College for a bit, then took a detour and went to Hair School here in town.  I married my best friend and 'high school sweetheart' Curtis "Bubba" Spragg after he came home from his mission in Southern Italy!   Then I started working...  a lot!  I got a job working at a salon (part time) and at Southern Utah Title (full time) and I coached the JV Volleyball team at Snow Canyon (5 years)!  Curtis got on with the St. George Police Dept. (5 years now) and loves what he does!  In the mean time I switched from the title company to the 2nd floor and went to work for Re/Max in Real Estate.  We built a home in Washington Fields and started expanding our family.  Lana Morgan is 4 and is so excited to go to Kindergarten!  She is a total tomboy and my very best friend!  Caleb Gabriel is 2 and the sweetest thing to walk the earth! (at least that is what his primary teachers say)  He really does melt your heart!  I quit the coaching and the real estate when we had Caleb in 2008 and now I am enjoying life as full time mom with a few part time hobby jobs!  I do hair from my salon at my home and teach Photoshop Elements classes.  I am still playing volleyball every chance I get and within the past 2 years have grown to enjoy competing in triathlons and road biking.  Curtis is preparing for a half ironman this summer, the St. George marathon, and then the St. George Ironman in 2011! 

I have loved reading about everyone and hope more people post!  We are excited to see everyone and their cute families!  See you soon!

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