May 19, 2010

Spring (Hall) Black

We are getting O - L - D!
After graduating High School I attended the University of Utah for 2
years and than transferred to Utah State where I graduated in Finance
May 2005. My Husband (Ryan) and I were married in June 2005 after
dating for 9 months.  My husband went back to school to earn his
Masters in Molecular Biology while I worked as an Account Manager in
Logan until our daughter (Poppy) was born in June 2007. Ryan was
offered a job with a Bio Tech company, creating "Green Energy"  in
Houston shortly after Poppy was born, and we've lived here in Houston,
TX ever since.  Since moving to Houston we have been blessed we two
beautiful sons Joseph, whom we lost at child birth, and Oliver who is
a healthy and happy 3 month old. For the most part I spend my time
chasing my crazy kids around, but do get out a couple times a week to
teach aerobics at LA Fitness. We are a happy little family enjoying
our "ever after."

We head out west a couple times a year and generally try to plan it
around the snow season and family so unfortunately the class reunion
doesn't fall in either category so we won't be able to make it. I'm
sure it will be a blast though...

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